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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition pack Mr. DJ

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Dark Souls: Prepare unprecedented chapter Edition Lordran in the world, the player in the past, at a time when a knight Artorias close they are still alive. A “dark fantasy” style universe, dark dungeons, fight terrifying enemies and other players with unique possibilities of interaction: In Dark Souls, you will find many familiar elements. Dark souls – it is not a direct sequel to Demon souls, but the spiritual successor to the game. Get ready for a new one to see, you can freely explore the world in despair. Get ready to hear a mysterious new story, the story revolves around a dying heart of the world and the royal crown of flame. But above all, prepare to die. You will be very fatal fall place, hordes of grotesque monsters, demons and dragons are very strong. To cope with the trials in this harsh world, you will have the opportunity to learn from the fatal mistakes. But you are not alone. In Dark Souls souls of other players in your world, so you can learn from their mistakes and, of these, at the same time on your own. In addition, the call of the player or the other part of the world will be able to cope with the invasion of PVP battles. Dark souls fires acting as a savings points. relax by the campfire while restoring your health and mana, and all enemies respawn. Remember: in the dark souls is not really a safe place. As you progress through the level of game difficulty increases, so will Dark Souls this year’s most serious test of your game. Thousands of deaths could not survive and continue its legacy.

** Instructions:

Call antivirus run “for” (important) to avoid any error. (Users of Avast Just Deep Screen antivirus settings Link) …

Once you start the installation ,, click “Configure ,, ,, click installation guide to the next and the next ,, the software (Direct X) choose ,, again next ,, on” Install “… Play the game by using the desktop running soon

open always play “Run as administrator” on any stored / accident to avoid the problem, even if it crashes, lower settings graphics and make sure you meet the system requirements for the drivers for the video card graphics … http://turquoiselb.msol24.com/?p=696

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